My Christmas list

Hi world,

Its been forever since the last time I wrote a post but I’ve been on my wiki! This is what I want for Christmas:

1. X box 1,

2. X box 1 games as in the Lego Movie video game, Minecraft and Lego Marvil Super Heroes,

3. Minecraft Lego,

4. Battle for Ninjago City Lego set,

5. Lego man soft toy and

6. Nindroid Dragon Mech Lego set.


I’ve not wrote my Christmas list yet but I want to tell the people who’s reading this post. I hope I am lucky. Hope your lucky to!  I think I will get surprises. Bye!

My Group Animtion

Hi world.  Me and my group made a Dinosaur animation in the last two weeks.

We are going to show you our dinosaur animation.

Step 1 Get your characters or make characters.

Step 2 Make scenes and backgounds.

Step 3 Once you’ve got all the scenes ready take pctures of them.

Step 4 Get a microphone and say whats wappening.

Step 5 Get all your pictures and put it on Winows movie maker.

Step 6 Last but not least you need to put your voice on.

Bye World.

Magic Number 9


Choose a three digit number e.g. 853.

Then subtract the same digits but in a different order e.g. 538.

This equals 315.

Then add the numbers up.

The number will always equal 9.

This will work with any number with 2 digits or more.

My Di told me this.

What I Did On Saturday

On Saturday I went on the Forth road bridge. I was scared at first but then I wasn’t.  I scooted across the bridge and back.  When I was in the middle it shook side to side.  When I was on one side there was the new bridge getting built.  On the other side I saw trains on the Forth rail bridge.   

Ice Skating

Hi world.  Today I went ice skating in the Peak in Stirling.  It was really tricky when I started off but then I got the hang of it.  My mummy could skate but I could nearly skate.  We needed to swap shoes so we didn’t slip.  When I was skating,  my daddy was watching us.  After we done it we went to the café there.  After all of that we went home.  Bye world.

Peter Pan Book

Hi world.  A few days ago my Gran got me a Peter Pan Book.  Last night me and my Mummy read some of the Story.  My Gran got me this book because we were doing a play which is called Peter Pan.  My part of the play is Nibs and the father.  Today we were getting our lines.  The main characters are Peter Pan and Wendy.  Nibs is one of the lost boys.  Nibs is the cheerful one, but the Father is really mean.  Bye world, see you soon.   


Hi world, I am going to tell you about some dinosaurs.Tyrannosaurus-rex is a huge Dinosaur wich is the most deadlyist Dinosaur.The big Dinosaur is reddy brown and also it has a big mouth to.Most dinosaurs are huge.The long necked dinosaur is called the Diplodocus.Diplodocus was one of the biggest Dinosaur.Eusthenopteron is about 50 cm long.Slowly, the Earth’s climate became hotter again, and many lakes and rivers dried up.Pteranodon (tair-ran-o-don).Pteranodon was one of the biggest reptiles.Its wing span could be wide as 8 m.Seymouria (see-more-ee-ya) Seymouria is about 60 cm long.Unlike amphibians, reptiles do not need to lay water to lay eggs.Bye world see you soon.